Visit to Villa Tufarelli

Our students had the chance to visit one of the cultural landmarks of Naples, Villa Tufarelli.
The Villa was built at the beginning of the sixteenth century as a rustic complex organized around a central courtyard. In the eighteenth century it became part of the properties of the Counts Tufarelli who used it as a place of meeting and recreation of the nobles of the Bourbon court. Later, it became the permanent residence of the Tufarelli family.
Italian students from Liceo Orazio Flacco did the touring themselves. They prepared information about the villa in advance, and presented it to our international students in the different rooms of the villa, as well as in the gardens. This activity is part of their mandatory school curriculum programme called ASL - Alternanza Scuola Lavoro, which is explained in the following video.

The Italian students did their presentation dressed up with traditional garments from the time when Villa Tufarelli was an active part of the social life of Naples. Our students enjoyed their visit and learned about the volunteer work that the Italian students do as part of their cultural heritage curriculum at school.

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